Monday, May 09, 2011

an Anabaptist and an Anglican respond to Bin Laden killing

1)"Osama and Jesus: Rumours of Escaping Death" by Nathan Hobby:
A middle eastern bearded man who was a threat to the empire is summarily executed, while rumours quickly spread that the man did not really die.
Conspiracy theories about Osama Bin Laden’s death are already appearing days after it happened. Was he really killed? Where’s his body? Why won’t the president release the photograph? If this is the case days later, what will the stories be in a few decades time? In a couple of thousand years?
How does this situation compare to the aftermath of Jesus’ death and...continued
2)By NT Wright :

Consider the following scenario. A group of IRA terrorists carry out a bombing raid in London. People are killed and wounded. The group escapes, first to Ireland, then to the United States, where they disappear into the sympathetic hinterland of a country where IRA leaders have in the past been welcomed at the White House. Britain cannot extradite them, because of the gross imbalance of the relevant treaty. So far, this is not far from the truth.

But now imagine that the British government, seeing the  continued

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