Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"I even have my own doubts about stories like this even when I’m involved"

I love honest, unsassuming stories "testimonies" like this one from "charismanglican,", which avoid  charismania without avoiding ...well, charismata (I love Larrry Randolph's line , "prophesy while eating a banana; you don't have to always get all weird" or Wimber's "naturally supernatural).
I think you'll be hooked just by the way it starts:

Father of Mine: A story of interpersonal healing, miracles, and why I can’t get over the idea that God is real.

This is the sort of story that I rarely share with anyone, both because of how personal it is and because when I hear about “supernatural experiences of God” I’m always, by default, skeptical. I don’t expect other people to believe stories like this, and I even have my own doubts about them even when I’m involved…like somehow I’m not remembering something the way it actually was. Enough disclaimer.
My band skypark was playing some Christian music festival in Washington. I don’t remember the name or the year…late 90s. I was already in my “I hate Christian music” phase pretty deep, so this was awkward. Somehow we found ourselves in front of a ..
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