Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sinead's "Queen of Denmark": wow

Wow..from the unforgettable opening couplet.. the confessional/satirical  Randy Newmanesque/Dylanesque/Steve Tayloresque lines that follow. the Alanis Morisetteish/Sigur Roe-sish punkish riff of the chorus..

.... to the obligatory prayer and Jesus references..

.to the final line's revelation of the title--
                             but  who is it addressed to?

  (Language alert..after all,  LOL, she's an Irish prophet so it's an R-rated psalmthing.  Ask Eugene Peterson about that)..

I thought this was an unuusal and brave song for Sinead. Then just now I learned it is a cover of a song by someone named John Grant:

I will have to research that guy..I am sure Ryan PunkMonk knows all about him..

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