Thursday, March 07, 2013

Shane Claiborne, in what he confesses is his most important conversation ever, called me an ass (audio to prove it)

If you have never heard Shane Claiborne's reckless, contagious, self-effacing laugh, it won't take long as you eavesdrop on  the first few minutes of his 2009 interview with us to hear it ...embedded below, or click here).

It  also shows up when he wishes his critics would read his group's doctrinal statement, and then moves into a subtle critique of their/our obsession with statements of faith (" doctrines are hard things to love" at the 25 min mark).

Among other highlights, he calls me an ass,
and he confesses  (deadpan, straight up, no laugh) that the most important conversation he's ever had was the one he had with  Ken and me (26:45ff).  I think he was serious! (:

Having heard all that makes it easy to imagine Shane's literal laugh when you read him in print.  The jokes and wry/sly slams  tucked away in his books are classic,  Below, he sneaks in a footnote upon quoting a Scripture including the word "eunuch":

If you don't know what a eunuch is, see the diagram in the appendix. Just kidding. Check the phone book and call up a pastor and ask her or him.  It should make for an interesting conversation.  ("Irresistible Revolution," p.110)

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