Friday, March 03, 2006

holy randomnity

Sometimes you don't know what you' re all about until you go come apart...or go random. What would a random string of the words you uttered in the last week look like? Might be all too telling, scary, revealing, wonderful, vulnerable, sacred.

At left is a grouping of randomly generated words from this blog (help! I'm naked online!). Interesting...

In a way similar to the collage experiment, it's kind of an X-ray of your soul, passions, hopes and fears.

Of course there's the negative pole of all this. I love Mike Roe's prayer: "Save me from randomnity."
Yey I love the holy randominity..maybe these charts are what our prayers look like..Romans 8:26 implies we don't know how to pray, but the Spirit strings together our random, non-sequential longings...and the above grouping works for me as a prayer...(at least it's got "Jesus" "Kingdom" , "help" and "Dave" in it...uh, as well as "baby)...

There's an old story about the rabbi who overheard a man praying random alphabet letters...X F G H...
A bit concerned, he inqired as to the man's unorthodox prayer method, and got the reply; "I don't know what to pray, so i hust throw up all these random letters to God, and pray He will spell what He wants." "Oh, I see. I bless you."

Anyway, to get a quick random list of words from your blog or website (and thus your soul and prayers), click: You can also create your own customized word grouping/prayer.

Watch out! Nothing is more ordered than chaos. Tohu Bohu!
I'll give Burnsite 24 hours..I wanna see theirs

Oh, here's the grouping for my U2 blog,
and this amazing one from our "Wine and Skins" page, with articles on church and culture:

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