Monday, February 27, 2006

liminal space

The concept of "liminal space" art, culture, church, life...has been very compatible to the emerging church's emerging conceptualizion. I recently attended a liminal space art exhibition at Calif State Fresno, and dovetail that with many helful online articles and blogs, see especially Len's "Forty Years in a Liminal Space", Richard Rohr on liminality,
McLarenhere and Mclaren/Roxborough here.

Limimality is at base a threshold, in between, transition kind of space/plus..thus sacred; thus the holy arena where "Shift Happens"..

Anyway, the pictures below kind of relate:

Over on our "Shift Happens" forum (and here on the blog), I posted this ship picture..and asked someone to name it. As usual, Keltic Ken "won"..he titled it "ships happen". So I promised to post the rest of the pictures (thanks to St. Dennis Sterling)for possible naming. Here they are. there are some "secrets" and things to look for, but i will reveal those much later, so you can have fun exploring.

Also, some of Mark Deraud's paintingswork a bit this way for me..intentional, Mark?

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