Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Peru: Smash and Burn

Smash and burn
(originally posted on "Shift Happens" over a year ago. Update: No one has seen Hector for awhile. Pray!)

The amazing picture at left, is also shown in "movie version" at:http://www.3dff.com/ex_Satanist.htm

What a story: Ken and Cathie Metz, members of our church, are missionaries in Huancayo, Peru. God is doing amazing things down there. Kim Castro and I had opportunity to speak and pray live over the radio on our Grace Covenant radio show while down there in 2004.

When I saw Ken last, he said something like; "Hey remember that radio show you guys were on? Let me show you an amazing picture that shows how it is bearing fruit..." He then called up the above photo on bis laptop and beamed.

It seems one day, the pastor hosting the show gave out the "wrong" phone number for those that wanted to call for spiritual help. Instead of our Grace Covenant office number, he gave Ken's home number...and on Ken's day off! So when a man called Ken saying he was responding to the radio invitation, and that he was a satanist wanting help to keep him from committing suicide, Ken was blown away. It turned out to be legitimate, and Ken led the man to Christ and through lots of deliverance prayer. Then he had him make an appointment with our friend Pastor Justo for follow-up (Just specialized in tough cases) for follow uo. Turns out this man, Hector, was the leading occult practitioner in town. He is a doctor, and dispensed all kind of crazy New Age prescriptions, and had all kind of evil and satanic relics in his office.

Ken remarks in his newsletter, "He heard prayer on the radio, took down our number and called Ken. He had been on the verge of suicide, and he turned his life over to Jesus. The next day, he smashed and burned 12 cubic feet of his occult paraphernalia, worshiping and praising God!"

That is the picture you are looking at.

So ken showed me a series of amazing pictures of them burning and smashing all stuff, including the above picture of Hector at the bonfire, as his life's work went up in flames.

Ken says Hector was raisng his hands in worship at this fire. Hector was just overjoyed! Ken asked him how he even knew to raise his hands in Christian worship, as such a new bneliever. hector repliwed that a couple days earlier, a demon had knocked him to the floor of his office, and while he was down, he could barely move. But a Bible was in reach, and he then and there read most of it..he is a speedreader!

Just before Ken got on the plane from Peru to see us in Kansas City, a city councilwoman who is a Christian ran into Ken. he told her this story. She replied, " You know, our church just finished a 21 day prayer and fast for the leading occult healers in town...and Hector was on the list!" I will try to get more of the Hector pictures posted. Sounds like Hector is doiing well, but please keep praying. Updates will be posted on thesp

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