Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Flatland 3D

Anybody read the classic "Flatland"?

It's physics/satire/novel/humor/logic/theology/sci-fi etc.

Kind of like life!

Interesting connections for church..especially since our church, Third Day, is nicknamed "3D", we have often enjoyed talking about a "three dimensional gospel."
(Excursion: click here for a site: "See how 3D the web cab be in Flatland")

a few quotes:

"You speak of an impossibility," interuppted the King, "you must have seen a vision."
(p. 59 )

"from dreams i proceed to facts" (59) "..a fit apostle of the Gospel of the Three Dimensions:deeds and not words shall proclaim the truth...I can see what you consider closed" (77)

"I am the most destitute of converts...this revelation has been given me for nothing..Yet I exist in the hope..that these memoirs would stir up a race of rebels who shall refuse to be confined t5o limited dimensionality" (102)

I don't know if the pages are the same as my edition, but I find the book is free online here.

Related: Hugh Ross has done some intriguing work with extra-dimensionality..incorporating Flatlanish ideas.

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  1. If you liked the book, you should check out the movie.


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