Monday, February 06, 2006


We recently commissioned Bert Boyd (r) as assoc. pastor of Grace of God Fellowship Dinub, Calif. first person to post the correct answer as to the name of the guy in the middle (that's me on the left), and why all three of us are laughing, wins a big prize.

Bert has been an amazing example of a Christian excecutive/entrepreneur, impacting the marketplace and culture from his "secular" job. Now that he is officially a pastor (that's tougher sledding on impacting the culture). The cool thing is that he is man enough and secure enough to submit to his senior pastor...and wife...Nancy.

He'll be speaking about that..or heck, anything he and God want... Feb 26 at 3D

Here's Bert's better half being commisioned. Part of the reason she is smiling is she knew her hubbie was next:


  1. Dave, Terry, Bert...wholly kiss...

  2. Isn't this the moment Dave suggested that we ditch Terry at the Men's Retreat?

    Ken; didn't you take this picture?

    Another 3D Conspiracy to keep the prize within the family?

  3. Actually, ALL your posts have some truth so far..

    Bert, the only reason Ken posted (he wasn't going to because he was there) is because i told him to(:

    I'll wait till midnight Fri, and declare a winner..

    still haven't heard the WHOLE story


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