Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Anna Log Goes To Digital Church @St. Arbuck's

Phil Brewer, local friend..
... apostolic artman (one of his paintings above)-musician-lifecoach-counselor-prophetic cartoonist-Renaissance(and Reformation!)Man-Pastor of St. Arbucks-(Wow, how do you do it all?)

..wrote a piece for our "Shift Happens" Forum called "Analog vs. Digital: Christian Ideals and Human Frailty", readable in full by clicking the title, and excepted below:

Life is "analog," I.e.: "messy," perhaps more like Aristotle's life-passion.
Christian ideals (necessary and worthwhile as "platonic" goals) are "digital"
you might say. A novel is digital, a film, a well-composed Chopin prelude orfine
art painting--is digital. ... I recently went back to an old analog watch. I
wanted to see the analogous relationship of the hands marking time--not just
numbers--to see what time it is in relation to the past and future. Spiritually,
I like to think of the hope of future time--glory with Christ, and also look
back, in thankfulness, over past altars--the piles of Bethel stones--testifying
of God's faithfulness through the rough "analog" times

..which led to lots of conversation, and Jordon Cooper's "Seeking Goes Digital, Church Stays Digital", and eventually Mary Mattingly's "We Don't Think Digital; We ARE Digital".

I noted that my cell phone has an option to show the clock on the screen in digital form... or simulated ANALOG form..sign of the times !

Finally, to come full circle (speaking analog-clock-wise), I interviewed Phil here on building bridges from St. Arbcks to church...something he models well, no matter what time it is.

Note: Phil Brewer's website is www.philipbrewer.com, not to be confused with another Phil Brewer at www.philipbrewer.net. But the other Phil looks interesting, too. Hmm, which Phil is amalog, which is...

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