Wednesday, April 05, 2006

a word from God at St. Arbuck's

It wasn't the first time God spoke to me at. St. Arbuck's.

And if Phil Brewer , Mars Hill, and Len Sweet are right, it can't be the last.

Starbucks has "The Way I See It"; various sayings from a variety of sources..pundits to prophets..on their cups.

They recently gave into pressure and claims there was a liberal or pro-gay bias (whatever!) to the selected sayings, so they intentionally added one about God from "America's Pastor," Rick Warren.

But as any readers of this site might guess...

..that's not the word that spoke to me.

It was "The Way I See It" #91.

And it dovetails with what Andy Crouch has said in his "Visualcy" article . It's also been proven true by recent neuroscience, and is very relevant to the current shift/reformation in church and culture. For follow-up, and for those concerned that the insights of a self-confessed "retail anthropologist" (I love it!) might bee too cheesy, reductionist, or pop-leben, see our more scholarly articles (search at top of by Ong, McLuhan, Postman et al.

Here it is:

Our visual language continues to evolve faster than our spoken tongue or written
word. Our eyes may be tired and aging, but their connection to our brains has
never been better. -- Paco Underhill, Retail anthropologist and author of Why We
Buy: The Science of Shopping.
Lots more to say about that insight.

But I'll wait for Mark's comments to blow mine away.

All the sayings are viewable for the price of a hundred grandelattes..or (since that's three hunded bucks...unless Phil buys) free at the website:


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