Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Honesty on the Internet"

Don't remember where this cartoon came from. Was it the holy and bearded (and wholly bearded) prophet-pastor St. Scott of the Holy Toyota Dealership and Emerging Church?

Anyway, good commentary on online transparency...and applicable to church life, of course..

And one of the things I love about Pastor St. Scott is his thoroughgoing honesty...he is what he is..and is careless about what people think about him. I want to be like taht when I grow up! I remember last millenium when he told me about announcing to the church that he was assigned to pastor (a church with a long tradition of pastors wearing robes) that he could not in good conscience wear a precahing robe...Me, I took much longer to sell my dress and you can see here...

So to celebrate, here is a photo of "Honest" Pastor Scott..dressed to to one of his prize-winning Toyotas. Cheers to Kingdom honesty:


  1. are looking good, man. Nice japanese car, too,, I see you are finally converted!!!

    D. Lano

  2. Dave, I am going to kill you, in the love of Jesus of course!


    You're nuts!

    By the way, I have some updated photos of that car, with some new American Racing wheels. Perhaps I'll send you some pictures.

    Japenese car, indeed!

    (You ought to see the Gremlin I am building for my son! HA!)

  3. thanks for the luscious photos. i almost coverted. i need to hop in my Toyota...or the wife's Honda...and get down to have lunch w/you


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