Sunday, April 30, 2006

St. Sinead the Smokin'

(note: this post was updated in 2007 to include newer songs..also click Sinead's name under "tags" at bottom of post for more)

A powerful prayer:

"Thank You for hearing me.

Thank You for saving me.

Thank You for healing me..."

So far, pretty standard evangelical praise song lyrics...maybe even in danger of being trite...

But this lyric takes an unexpected...and I think anointed...left turn.

Dare to guess what comes next?

"Thank You for breaking my heart.
Thank You for tearing me apart.."


If you have a problem with that prayer, the author is merely being honest (God has broken our hearts) and consistent with Scripture ("THE LORD has torn us to pieces.." Hosea 6:1-3)

Try praying it here:

Sometimes we need to be radically honest in our prayers. Jesus was ...check this shocking prayer..

Anyway, the "Thank You for...." song, though it has been recorded by "officially Christian" singer David Crowder, was penned and prayed by Sinead O' Connor.

I know what you're thinking.

She ripped up a picture of the pope once.

Did you know she's now ordained in a Catholic offshoot denomination, and her
new CD
is called "Theology" and has some beautful songs like "Job", "Isaiah" and "Jeremiah's Vineyard"?:

...and here below is video of her incredible Gethesmane prayer with the Edge ( a fan video, so the video theme is off, but try on the words:."..Afraid, but you will not run/Alone, Thy will be done/confessed, but you still feel the shame/Bring me into Your arms again"):

Reading material:

St. Sinead and Occulture

Sinnead wants to rescue God from religion

To be clear: I never said she was a "Christian".

I never said I endorse everything she says or does.
Some of her theology is way off.

But sometimes she prays more Christianly (read "honestly") than me.

That's a gift to the church.

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  1. Yeah the album is beautiful with a God haunted ache running through it


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