Monday, December 11, 2006

All the Jesus clips in one place...enjoy

The response has been wonderful to the famous dubbed clips of old Jesus movies we have been showing for worship. I have posted some of these before; but because so many are asking, I'll post them all here.

(If I have to explain that these are satrical, have profound prophetic messages to the church, and folks shouldn't be offended by them, you are probably on the way wrong website):

The first are from, are are usually oranized by "Jesus Video 1", 2, 3 or 4 (these are all on one page on youtube here):

Jesus Video 1: Jesus doesn't have time for Peter

Jesus Video 2: Jesus gives rules for First Christian Church, and confronts a follower for missing prayer meeting for the Super Bowl:

Jesus video 3: Jesus tells all the disciples what they have recently done wrong:

Jesus Video 4: Jesus rides on a donkey, cleanses the temple,and steals money from Pharisees:

Here are the clips from Elevation Church; usually in a series called "Misconceptions of Jesus" (these are all on youtube here)

Misconceptions of Jesus 1: Jesus Club-Jesus Loves Righteous People:

Misconceptions of Jesus 2: Jesus Loves Red States:

Misconceptions of Jesus 3: Jesus Sells Insurance:


  1. Okay, these videos are hysterical. Love them! I will be checking out this blog from now on. You probably get a lot of flak for these, but I think Jesus would love them. More! Linda

    1. Thanks Linda. Love the people that made them. Hope they make more.
      If not, my gang and I may have to


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