Tuesday, December 12, 2006

genuflection to academia and thus a theatre of morality

(The Church of Ireland) is so beholden to the Enlightenment, to the mores of modernity, and so in genuflection to academia, that the Church is suspicious of faith in any experiential sense, and has become a theatre of morality ...(15)

I think I understood grace instinctively before I did intellectually...A MOTHER'S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE--AGAPE-- leads to grace. Without it, religion would suffocate because it creates an impossible standard.. (18)..(I prefer) Christ's attempt to bring you out of religiosity to an impossible standared one can't reach without grace...Grace is the reason I have kids. Grace is the reaason I'm here (21)

Bono in "The God Factor" by Cathleen Falsani

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