Saturday, December 09, 2006

messianic software and apocalyptic fixes

"A song, an act of rebellion, a piece of messianic software: all kinds of weird and wonderful memes and metamememes are fighting for our imaginations, and pull us out of the apocalyptic fix we're in. So here's the question we're asking for 2007:

Can a global network of culture jammers and creatives--a tribe of fired-up meme-warriors launch a tsunami of cognitive dissonance to wake humanity up?"

-Adbusters, p. 8, Jan/Feb 2007

I have not read a more articulate and loaded depiction of our cultural situation, and the church's challenge in the midst of it! I just wish the words were written by a Christian (they may well have been, but Adbusters is not a Christian magazine....though former editor of this magazine has now launched how own similar 'zine: to the church.

Either way, a word to the church!

See this post for more:

"GEEZ:adbusters, culture jamming, holy fools"

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