Sunday, December 10, 2006


If you don't know about

a)The Irish band The Frames, especially the masterpiece song "Fitzcarraldo"

b) The German director Warner Herzog, especially the masterpeice (? I haven't seen it...some call it that...some call it nuts) film "Fitzcarraldo"...

...Learn more about the amazing Frames at their Myspace site or YouTube Steve Stockman, Irish pastor and author of "Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2," interviews lead singer Glen Hansard here.

...Lear more about the film here. The Frames wrote the song about the character in the movie, who was so intent and obsessed with his dream to introduce Peruvian Indians to his passion (opera music!) that he did whatever it took to recah the remote tribe...including pulling a ship over a mountain (!!).

Well, lots of stuff will preach from the film: faithfulness to the vision, Quixotic quest or faithful to the call, etc. The irony is Herzog's crazy quest to complete the film was crazed and intense he says a Latin American priest (filmed on location) urged him to include prostitutes as part of the movie's production crew so the the male actors wouldn't go crazy in the jungle!!)


Back to the Frames song:

Hansard is very intruiging spiritually, he has Christian background and is God-hanuted, In one of my favorite chilling live versions of "Fitzcarraldo, " he strikes me as a great pastor. He introduces the song with "...because all of us sometimes feel like we're pulling ships up mountains..."

Check out the song...lyrics... a small audip sample here..keep seraching, or buy it..

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