Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I love you because I need to; not because I need you."


"I love you because I need to; not because I need you.

I love you because I understand/God has givenme your hand."

-U2, "Lunimous Times"

"I need you to need me"
-Cheap Trick

"The prayer of faith does not mean a prayer absolutely sure that it will receive what it asks. That is not faith. Faith is that attitude of soul and self to God which is the root and reservoir of prayer apart from all answer. It is what turns need into request. It is what moves your need to need God. It is what makes you sure your prayer is heard and stored, whether granted or not. "He putteth all my tears in His bottle." God has old prayers of yours long maturing by Him. What wine you will drink with Him in His kingdom! Faith is sure that God refuses with a smile; that He says No in the spirit of Yes, and He gives or refuses always in Christ, our Great Amen. And better prayers are stirred by the presence of the Deliverer than even by the need of deliverance. " (The Soul of Prayer, PT Forsyth )

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