Thursday, February 05, 2009

honest instead of perfect

John O' Hara comments after watching Ted Haggard on Oprah:

our idealization of spiritual leaders establishes a fertile environment for the kind of duplicity, deceit and denial (sorry for the alliteration) shown by Ted in the unravelling of his professional life as a pastor. In churches like Ted’s and mine, too often repentance of sin is marked solely by an altar call or a baptism, a “come to Jesus moment” after which the race looks more like image management than the life integration suggested by the gospels and epistles. What if we expected our church leaders to be
honest instead of perfect
servants instead of rulers
friends instead of managers

coaches instead of performers?
It might not make for good TV, but it may just change the atmosphere in our communities.

This is a good post to dovetail with Russell Willingham's message.
Fill in these blanks; then you can read on to compare your answers with his.

  • "The pastor/shepherd's job is to keep watch over __________"
  • "Your most anointed ministry as a pastor/leader will flow from your being ___________."
LINK to Russell's answers

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