Thursday, March 19, 2009

does open source invite sexual indiscretion?

Adam asks if open source/emerging leadership invites more sexual indiscretion:

See also my Reduction of Seduction, where I made the case that traditional/top down leadership
can be set up for sexualization and indiscretion:

I would like to hear more from Adele, who comments on Adam's post:

I would like to hear more from Adele, who comments on Adam's post:

i really do not think it matters what kind of leadership model/structure you have as sexual indiscretion happens because of something going on with the individual people. If it’s going to happen, it does not care what leadership model exists. i hope i make sense.
Very true that indiscretion happens because of what's happening with the people. But doesn't context/culture/structure ever play a part in piggy-backing on what's going on in the people.
It may be an overstatement that "context is everything," but I don't see how it could be nothing.

Help me, Adele, I love your brilliant thinking/writing, so help me understand what you mean.


  1. Dave,

    You are too kind to me. i hope what i am about to say makes more sense and is more clear. i often find with my Lyme Disease it is difficult for me to get what's swirling around in my head out and into words people can understand. Here it goes:

    i know of several pastors, one in a Presbyterian church, and another in a Willow Creek type church where the pastors had affairs with people in their own congregations. Two different contexts, structures, cultures. YET, sin is part of our human DNA and we succumb to it whether their is a hierarchy structure or a flat/starfish structure. Look also at the Catholic church and all the pedophile instances. That is Hierarchy structure of leadership. i think each individual person who falls into sexual misconduct has those issues no matter what situation they are in and the potential to 'fall' is on them and how honest they are being.

    Warmest Regards,


  2. St. Adele:

    Thanks, good stuff. And a reminder that there are always real life stories behind theoretical talk...and that man, we keep defaulting to sin no matter what setting is created for us.

    Great line about honesty. If we just got that right...


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