Tuesday, March 10, 2009

open source idea camp: quotes and video

Mark Jackson brought home some quotes from Idea Camp (an open source conference);
he reminds that these are not verbatim:
  • Every project we launch is a social experiment... it's not the rest of my life. There's less stress that way - it's easier to launch an experiment." (Charles Lee)
  • "We want to change the definition of revival... where it's not just the Christians who say 'Ooo, look - revival!' but the unbelieving world who sees 'revival' through the way we serve & love & make an impact in Jesus' name." (Matthew Barnett)
  • "We get hung up and think that 'how we do the mission' is The Mission." (Brad Abare)
  • "When did church become a destination?" (Brad Abare)
  • "Why is homophobia so gay?" (Eric Michael Bryant)
  • "We have a recession of optimism... nothing is destined to fail. It's amazing what God can do through a bad idea with people who are passionate to do good in the world." (Erwin McManus)
  • "We don't like mega-churches because we're jealous & envious." (Erwin McManus)
  • "Ideas are androgynous." (Dawn Carter)
  • "We must downsize the number of causes that we 'support' & instead actually get involved in things that we're passionate about." (Charles Lee)
  • "Please, don't be a wet blanket to our generation... Believe that the God inside of us is as big as He's ever been." (Zach Carter)
  • "Unchurched people don't have the same smorgasbord of expectations as heavily churched people." (Scott Hodges)
  • "You can't smokescreen your way through change... you have to be up front with your people." (Mark) link
Video of the conference:

The Idea Camp - Erwin McManus and Eric Bryant from The Idea Camp on Vimeo.

The Idea Camp - Eugene Cho from The Idea Camp on Vimeo.

More videos here


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