Saturday, April 23, 2011

Amy Laura Hall: toast to Duke billionaires

Found on Colbert's website:

"Amy Laura Hall is a theology and ethics professor at Duke University's Divinity School (profile here) .Recently, in a period when Duke had told employees that departments were tightening their belts and not offering any salary increases, Hall gathered with a group of students to offer a toast to the administors and school leaders who received millions of dollars in bonuses for the year. You can see the video here..
Amy Laura Hall seems crazy in the video, which, as a tenured professor, acclaimed scholar, and ordained minister, makes her so awesome and intriguing, and makes her political satire so inspiring. This would be a great story for the Colbert Report" -Laugh Man

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  1. I suppose the best way for Dr. Hall to really reject her bosses would be to refuse her paycheck.

    Someone who used to work with her.


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