Tuesday, April 26, 2011

U2 and the Sarcastic Lutheran at Red Rocks

Any reader around this part of the interwebs knows how history was made at Red Rocks, that haunting outdoor sanctuary:  that amazing, chilling (literally, check the weather) 1983 U2 concert (the DVD even includes the Moya moment..hear Keltic Ken interview her about that here, HALFWAY DOWN THE PAGE)

I had the privilege of seeing them mere weeks after this gig (see "I am still living off this concert") in a nondescript  indoor coliseum that became just  as much a sanctuary, Moya moment included....BTW,  that building has since been blown up (I assume in honor of no on being able to top the U2 gig).

So it is surreal to watch another famous swearing preacher, The Sarcastic Lutheran, preach in that same hallowed Red Rocks setting at this year's community  Sunrise Easter service with 10,000 present.   Here's the video,  (transcript here) her sermon starts around the 53 minute mark.

Do I see a subtle gleam in her eye as she mentions Jesus was born in "straw and dirt" (59:41ff)? (:
 You know she was tempted to phrase it the slightly different way Bono does...but  wisely chose not to (in fact, she was so bundled up het tatts didn't show)..  Can you imagine the crowd of 10,000 responding to the s word in an Easter sermon?

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