Thursday, December 06, 2012

"Genre for Genocide and Exorcism"

I knew by the title alone:

"Genre for Genocide and Exorcism"

that this would be good!

 Tucked away in one of those books that is made up of papers from an academic conferences (I see that yawn) is Leonardo P/ Alishan's  genre-defying essay   about how the Armenian genocide is....well,

It  is indeed academic; but intensely personal.  He proffers candidates of genre for expressing the
genocide (sin, martyrdom, .lamentation, Job, Greek tragedy and novel)...all through the lens of  memories of his genocide-surviving grandmother.

You will also want to see his related essay, "Crucifixion Without The Cross: The Impact of the Genocide on Armenian Literature."

The book is out of print, and $160 on Amazon..and the chapter is nowhere online, so here it is below:


  1. Thanks for posting this! The article starts out great, but than one jpg seems to be missing (p. 344/345).

  2. Joketowner: Thanks so much. I fixed it!


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