Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ray Bradbury: "Go to the library! Don't spent all your time on the _______computer and all that crap!"

I'm guessing this is the first time a speaker at Point Loma Nazarene University (an evangelical Christian school)  began their speech with taking God's name in vain (g__d___).  The nervous but appreciative laughter immediately following is classic.

The second time he repeated the phrase was just a  few minutes minute later (13:00ff):

"Go to the library! Live in the library, for Christ's sake!  Don't spent all your time on the g--d-- computer and all that crap!"

Then again at 14:25...
I wonder if anyone was sorry for inviting him.
I hope not..

Note: This is the same writer's conference that Eugene Peterson spoke at
(LOL.. I don't think EP used any coarse language..though I hear he is gracious towards that habit of Bono's).

By the way, that line about libraries and computers he  also delivered at  University of California.
 He's equal opportunity. It probably didn't even cross his mind to clean up his language while at a Christian venue.

And maybe he meant "for Christ's sake"  literally. (:

He sure loved the name of Jesus the day I met and I prayed for him...

Follow-up conversation below....delightful. See 15:52ff on religion, and 21:56ff on God ("We are here to witness and celebrate. Otherwise, get the hell out!.. We are here as an audience to the miraculous!"):

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