Thursday, December 13, 2012

'the voice of the Spirit, begging you to shut the ___ up"

"And you were too busy steering the conversation toward the Lord
to hear the voice of the Spirit, begging you to shut the ___ up."

Fill in the blank with the correct lyric.
Uh, it's not "heck."
But it IS a four letter word.

THE four letter word.
Yes, THAT one.

No wonder this Pedro the Lion song ("Foregone Conclusion")
made the list of The Top Ten Most Controversial Songs In Christian Music (a great read).

So how would you respond to hearing the Spirit begging you to shut the f___ up"?

The next line in the song:

"You thought, it must be the devil, trying to make you go astray.
And besides, it could not have been the Lord because you don't believe he talks that way."

Complete lyrics here.
Better get the CD online..for some reason, it's not in Christian bookstores.

Censored version:


  1. you're an idiot. its a shame they let you teach...Liberals, such as you, do not deserve the honor

    1. Precisely the point of the post :)
      Steve, how much do you love Dave? Just wonderin'...

  2. ken, "how do you love the morning star"? and what are the results?

    Just wonderin'

  3. If I had any idea what you're talking about perhaps I could try to answer....but, since I don't...


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