Thursday, February 25, 2010

delayed vomit, real metaphor, communal knowing, and raspy swearing

Great quotes below from a short little timely book that was far ahead of its time (1994, the first book he wrote on a computer): Tex Sample's "Ministry in an Oral Culture:Living With Will Rogers, Uncle Remus, and Minnie Pearl":

>"..the call to go into ministry is a lot like throwing up. You can put it off for awhile, but there comes a time when you have got to do it." (p.1, see "role of the pastor" labels below)

>"I came out of an oral culture. My world was not one of discourse..rather it was a world made sense of through proverbs, stories and relationships..Proverbs and stories pointed to what we meant. No actually, they were what we meant" (p.3, see "metaphor" labels)

>"Knowing develops through communal relationships" (p. 36, see "epistemology" labels)

>"Aunt Zoni; raspy, profane, earthy, chainsmoking, and carrying an omnipresent tepid cup of coffee in a plastic-bagged hand...[and said], 'I gotta say somethin' to you boy...If you believe in God, and you live, it's all right. And if you believe God and you die, it's still all right. You see, Buford, it don't make a g___d____ bit of difference whether you live or die. If you believe God, it's all right.'"
(p. 94, ending story of book, see "certainty" labels)

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