Friday, February 19, 2010

David Ruis on the worship industry

David Ruis posts:

worship INdusTRY?

one of my great wrestles over the last years has been the emergence of the “industry” around worship, liturgy and congregational music.

I am a huge believer of the development of the aritist as well as the “worship leader” and have a deep conviction that worship spills way beyond the constraints of liturgy and Sunday meetings. Yet, the intentional posture of inviting people to worship God has huge implications on the way we document and present this dynamic. It is “different” than other dimensions of artistic endeavour. I never want to be afraid of the hard questions that this brings to the surface, especially in regards to recording and the public/“stage” components of what leading people in a worship experience.

take a look at this provoking video ... I know that this little satire has stirred up some measure of controversy - but I for one appreciate the dialogue and process that it stirs.

let me know what you think ...

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