Sunday, February 28, 2010

my seminary profs in a beer commercial........(sorta)

Oh my goodness, fellow Asburians...
any of you who also went to the best seminary in the world, especially class o ' 91!),
check out Dr. Killian, Dr Wang and other faculty in this video spoof of the "Wassup" commercials.

I have never seen the original commercials (come on, I am a seminary grad, why would I watch TV(: ?... besides, I just found out they were BEER commercials, I'll bet said profs didn't know what they were endorsing(: .) but to see these two profs like this is worth it all.
(Now, if only someone has video of the 1991 chapel service where Mel McGinnis spoke, and offered his take on what each prof would be doing if they had a different career...included the classic Dr. Wang impersonation, "Mel, you frunk!!".....or video of our improv. Doug? Melissa?)

No wonder I turned out so well (...and Dr Killian, when you read this, I never thanked you for this),,

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