Friday, February 19, 2010

"When the publisher of CCM forced me to force Amy Grant to apologize "

If you are not aware of Patrol Magazine, check it out.
It used to be called CCM Patrol (as it kept CCM, the magazine/industry acountable).

Patrol is now broader than that... it's tagline is now "The Arts & The Times:a New York-based journal of culture and politics"..but they continue the HONEST (!!) reviews of Christian (and other) music.

Today's Patrol link.. unbelievably believable story by the wonderful writer Matthew Paul Turner, "
Chasing Amy: When the publisher of CCM forced me to force Amy Grant to apologize for her divorce."
The title barely hints at what sh0uld be the real shocking news.
Read it and weep here.

The article must be wrestled with for any who dare to ask questions about how empire/industry/matrix almost inevitably infects our Christian institutions (by the way, two Christians make a Christian institution, so none are exempt) .

Read the piece, and come on back to weigh in. Several helpful comments have already been posted on my Facebook link to the article.

A few years ago I wrote, in a post about Sam Phillips, something called "CCM Makes You Lie." You know, what Sam did was even more unforgivable to some in the CCM industry than what Amy did.


A John Mark McMillan quote comes to mind:

"I applaud him for changing the line to serve his people,
and at the same time I boo the machinery
that would cause him to have to do so."
-John Mark McMillan

See that story here

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