Friday, February 26, 2010

volunteering to be chosen

"We do not venerate Mary, or Peter, or Paul because they were chosen. We venerate them because they said 'yes.'"
-Jim Marks

Jan Wenner:
You’ve been on this never-ending peace and nonviolence crusade since you’ve been seventeen years old. Do you feel anointed or chosen to do this? Do you have a messianic complex, like Bruce teasingly said?
That’s fair enough. As regards anointing, I put my hand up for this job. I’ve probably just worn the good Lord out. “OK, you can have the anointing then.” I’m sure it wasn’t in the cards. It’s like the two brothers, Jacob and Esau, who go to Isaac for the blessing and the younger brother, Jacob, pretends he’s Esau in order to take the blessing before Isaac passes. I’m like that guy. Why does God Almighty stand over the blessing if it was stolen? Only recently I figured it out. Jacob wanted it more than Esau. He knew how powerful the blessing was.


Of course a version of this Bono quote showed up in "City of Blinding Lights"...see 6:00ff:
"Some pray for and others steal/blessing's not just for the ones who kneel....All praises!"

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