Wednesday, February 10, 2010

women of the future with a "knack for this *#@!"

Reading a few summaries of of the ViralBloggers/McLaren conference call last night, I was glad to find this. How we need more "women of the future" like this..I hope she has met the Jersey Girl living among the Georgia Peaches, and other sisters who "get all the big revelations":

Let me wrap this up by saying that I was aware from the evite response list that there were only a handful of women who were a part of the listening audience. And I was the only woman who asked a question (at least up until the very end...I had to get home with the rice boxes from the teriyaki joint for my family, and I did hear that Brian was willing to extend the phone conference a bit longer for others who were queued with their questions, so maybe another woman came on after me...)

There is something utterly fascinating to me about theology and church formation. it captures my imagination, my intellect and my language. I love to talk about this stuff, write about it, read about it. In other words, I have a knack for this shit. Don't ask me how. I have not gone to seminary. I don't have a bible school background nor am I married to someone who does. I am not a pastor nor a church leader and I do not plan on becoming one. I am a lifelong student and the thing I love to study the most is the ways God reveals himself to us and that way is primarily through other people. Collectively, as Christ followers, we are simply known as The Church. The Great Mystery of God dwells among us and in us is as enigmatic today as it was 2000 years ago when Jesus came to tell us so.
Pam Hogeweide, link

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  1. thanks dave for the link-up! i definitely need to check out that jersey blog. what a great name!

  2. Keep up the great work, Pam!


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