Saturday, July 09, 2011

let your spire so they can see it at Denny's

"Holy crap!"

I confess.
Those are the words that slipped out of my mouth the first time I saw it.

I immediately repented...but somehow those words seemed the only possible response to what I was seeing.  They were involuntary and inevitable (at least I didn't say this again)!

Here's a pic of exactly what I saw (I didn't take it, St. Skib did from the same location), but that cannot do justice to what it looks like/feels like the first time you see the U2 " Clawthedral 
of the Sagrada Familia"


Photo credit: skib

What I love about the view was the Denny's in the foreground.
There's something about this cathedral spire protruding past the top of the coliseum, beckoning  the diners at Denny's to experience something that is ...well, a word for the church:

Get your spire outta the box.

I imagine, in the words of "Moment of Surrender," that  some "passersby...did not notice" it.
But it nonetheless was inviting them to worship in public.

Of course, once one gets in the gate, and gets up close, it's even more impressive.The other volunteer I was with when we first got a closeup said to me "Isn't it f____ing amazing?"  (I love being with people who don't know I'm a pastor in these situations  (:.....)

Then once the show starts, the Claw has such a major part in the leitourgia..
One of my favorite moments to watch up close  (THIS close) in Oakland was the prophetic moment during "With or Without You" when Bono says "goodbye" to his suit of lights/celebrity status via surrendering his lighted suit to the "steering wheel/life preserver" microphone, which receives it and   (see this video below, starting at 3:36, where the cross on the wheel becomes obvious) elevates to the heavens....

...or at least to the ceiling of the Clawthedral, as I found out..
I snapped this pic (but failed to grab the camera with the zoom so you could actually see more than a dot (upper right) where the suit hangs..

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