Sunday, July 24, 2011

"and in this vision, I angel wearing a beanie, creating chaos with a host of crazy harmonies"

Bono, introducing band members in Minneapolis:

"It’s amazing to be on stage with these people; really amazing.
At the end of the last show I thought I heard thunder and saw lightning flash from behind me,
I thought I'd been a truck had hit me
I thought Mike Tyson had hit me,
but it was none of these things

but it was Larry Mullen playing the drums.

Then, lo, I felt the ground shaking beneath my feet and i thought it was an earthquake
,,but  when I looked around it was the handsome Adam Clayton on bass, a force of nature.

Then I also saw angels, some friendly, some wearing beanies.. but all creating chaos with a host of crazy harmonies. Turned out it wasn’t angels at was The Edge on guitar and everything else…

And then I heard the voice of God .. and you know what God said?
He said, 'If you think you’re having fun now, wait till you get to Minneapolis…The end of tour party starts here…’'


Edge isn't an angel, but he made one, story here

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