Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wired’s Guide to Crafting the Perfect TED Talk (sermon)

Pastor-teacher types can learn a lot from TED talks...(starting with length of sermon!).
See WIRED's list below, translating  "sermon."
Of course, one of the fundamental issues is not addressed,  as TED Talks are (so far) still taking heads  (OK, bodies) of the one "representative" (RRWI) professional.

Anatomy of a Winning TED Talk



Sophisticated Visual Aids

We’re not sure who puts the D in TED—most of the best presentations favor tepid PowerPoint slide shows (sorry, Brené Brown), Pictionary-quality drawings (really, Simon Sinek?), or no props at all.


Opening Joke

Remember the one about the shoe salesmen who went to Africa in the 1900s? That’s how Benjamin Zander opened his talk—which turned out to be about classical music.


Spontaneous Moment

Don’t overprepare. Tease the guy in the front row (“You could light up a village with this guy’s eyes”). Commend the stagehand who handles the human brain you brought.


Statement of Utter Certainty

People come for answers—give ’em what they want, as Shawn Achor did: “By training your brain … we can reverse the formula for happiness and success.”


Snappy Refrain

The TED equivalent of “I have a dream.” Example: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Repeat 7x.


Personal Failure

Be relatable.We want to know about that nervous breakdown. Or at least the time you didn’t fit in at summer camp.


Contrarian Thesis

Wait a sec—we should be playing morevideogames? The more choices we have, the worse off we are? TED is where conventional wisdom goes to die.  LINK

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