Sunday, April 14, 2013

"pastors" who do less than 30% of the talking

From Church in a Circle:

Nearly all the pastors I have ever met are wonderful people.... I love them and am inspired by them.

And yet, I am increasingly convinced that the sit-sing-sermon model of church has had its day, and needs to give way to something new – something interactive, and engaging, and empowering, where God’s people are invited to contribute and participate. But where does this leave all the pastors, with their many years of training; with their finely honed preaching skills; with their ability and talents for performance?

The truth is, churches are going to need leadership as much as ever if they move from performance to empowerment – but the leadership will be less about performance and more about facilitation..

... Excellent facilitators do less than 30% of the talking, and get others to do the 70%. They risk letting others interpret God’s Word and listen to God’s Spirit instead of doing it all themselves. They give others credit for their ideas and insights, without boasting of their own. They hand over most of the power, control and status, rather than holding onto it.  full post


  1. great Mr dave wainscott... take your alleged lying, narcissistic ego.. and never talk again. What a gift that would be to the World..

  2. Peter Rollins....teaching leaders to refuse to lead....

  3. not a bad idea..since the word leadership or leader never appears in the Bible (: (*ducks)...let alone the word "pastor"...(:


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