Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Teacher's bond with students lasts long after graduation"

Rabbi David Miller comments on Facebook about the article

WHY CAN'T CHURCHES/SYNAGOGUES BE LIKE THIS TEACHER?CBS Evening News had story about a 8th Grade Bible Teacher at a Christian School who committed himself to writing a hand-written letter to each of his students every year. 30-years later and 2800 students later...he is still writing each student every year on their birthdays! It now takes him about 3 hrs per day! How many times have you gone to a Church/Synagogue for months, years, or even decades and the Pastor doesn't really KNOW you? Is that the proper role of a Shepherd? How many Judeo-Christians drop out of going to Church/Synagogue because they feel as if they are just a number? Is Facebook really a good substitution for actually meeting people? At least at can meet and talk with neighbors...just as the ancient Romans did at their local bread shop or local restaurant. 21st Century we may be more connected but we are also more lost...than ever.

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