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Brueggemann on Psalms.

Walter Brueggemann  suggests another helpful way to categorize the Psalms.

o      Creation - in which we consider the world and our place in it
o      Torah - in which we consider the importance of God's revealed will
o      Wisdom - in which we consider the importance of living well
o      Narrative - in which we consider our past and its influence on our present
o      Psalms of Trust - in which we express our trust in God's care and goodness

q        Disorientation:
o      Lament - in which we/I express anger, frustration, confusion about God's (seeming?) absence
§       Communal
§       Individual
o      Penitential - in which we/I express regret and sorrow over wrongs we have done
§       Communal
§       Individual

q        Reorientation
o      Thanksgiving - in which we thank God for what God has done for us/me
§       Communal
§       Individual
o      Hymns of Praise - in which we praise God for who God is
o      Zion Psalms- in which we praise God for our home
o      Royal Psalms - in which we consider the role of political leadership
o      Covenant Renewal - in which we renew our relationship with God
                                          -Bruggeman, source Click here.
For more detail, see this  PDF

Someone suggests this breakdown:
Psalms of OrientationPsalm 1 Psalm 111
These psalms reflect a confidentPsalm 8 Psalm 112
belief that the world is well Psalm 14 Psalm 119
ordered, reliable, and life- Psalm 33 Psalm 131
giving to the person of faith. Psalm 37 Psalm 133
Psalm 104 Psalm 145

Psalms of Disorientation Psalm 13 Psalm 79
These Psalms reflect the Psalm 22 Psalm 81
brokenness of life when it is no Psalm 32 Psalm 86
longer orderly but savage. Psalm 35 Psalm 88
Spoken out of the depths, Psalm 50 Psalm 130
they are still bold acts of Psalm 51 Psalm 137
faith. Psalm 73 Psalm 143
Psalm 74

Psalms of New Orientation Psalm 23 Psalm 100
The pit is not the end of life; Psalm 27 Psalm 103
There is more. New orientation Psalm 30 Psalm 113
Psalms reflect the surprise of Psalm 34 Psalm 117
New possibilities that are Psalm 40 Psalm 124
Experienced as pure gift from Psalm 65 Psalm 135
God. They are full of thanks. Psalm 66 Psalm 138

Psalm 91 Psalm 150  link


Psalmist's Cry: Scripts for Embracing Lament from The House Studio on Vimeo.

Dr. Walter Brueggemann Part 2 "The Counterworld of the Psalms" from The Episcopal Diocese of Texas on Vimeo.

see also:
Brueggemann vids: "Practicing Neighborhood Amid Empire"/"The Counterworld of the Psalms" 

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