Tuesday, April 30, 2013

praying Neruda

Bono has said more than once all U2 songs are prayers or can be turned into prayers.
The Naked Theologian turned Neruda's poem into a prayer:

Take this stanza from “Ode to the Table” by the Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda. The words in bold are Neruda’s originals; I added the italicized text to turn Neruda’s stanza into a prayer.
Oh God,
You made the world a table

engulfed in honey and smoke,
smothered by apples and blood.
The table is already set,
and we know the truth
as soon as we are called:
whether we’re called to war or to dinner
we will have to choose sides,
have to know
how we’ll dress
to sit
at the long table,
whether we’ll wear the pants of hate
or the shirt of love, freshly laundered.
It’s time to decide,
they’re calling

Help us make the right choice, oh God.

Sixpence has recorded a song to a Neruda text (lyrics here; video here ).  Time to tackle that one and pray it; maybe the smokng God will receive it as an offering ..

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