Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holiday House

It turns out that a $1 copy of their first CD at Goodwill Thrift Store...knowing nothing about them except the album artwork clues and cues... was well worth the risk.  Call it a holy hunch.

Musical family Tree:

Holiday House makes music that bleeds. Their music is honest, brooding and hopeful in one fell swoop.
Curious guitar riffs interwoven with Synthesizer, Pounding rhythm and violin provide the canvas for Andrea Donahue’s powerful female vocals to lift the music and live shows to comparisons with PJ Harvey and A Perfect Circle  link


Lead singer Andrea Donahue brings an eerie yet atmospheric quality to Holiday House’s sound with powerful female vocals. Reverbnation calls their music “honest, brooding and hopeful in one fell swoop.” With a violin and constant rhythm that will make any heart pause, this progressive rock band has already made its mark in Germany and Sweden as well as in their native hometown of Chicago. link

Chicago in Review:

When you have a vocalist with the chutzpah of Andrea Donahue, the accompaniment better have the competence to keep up. Chicago’s own Holiday House has more than competence. And you can hardly call them accompaniment. They have the ability, passion and sincerity to captivate anyone fortunate enough to catch a live show. ,, Holiday House is the perfect blend of progressive rock and emotion. Each artist brings his/her own unique flavor, resulting in six people that are essential to the sound yet not excessive individually.- Lindsay Terchin
Illinois Entertainer:

Holiday House created a concept album based on the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, but don’t expect giddy tributes to the first Ferris wheel. Night Falls On The Fair consistently sounds ominous, as if serial killer H.H. Holmes is only one of many evils awaiting visitors to the event. Still, Andi Donahue’s gorgeous vocals, particularly on “Scrape The Sky” and “Big Mary,” along with guitarist/drummer Paul Wendell Obis’ elaborate folk and rock arrangements make this a fascinating effort. ( – Terrence Flamm"
- Terrence Flamm, Illinois Entertainer (Jan 01, 2013) 


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