Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jesus and the Machine

>>Ever felt like the internet was "Big Brother?"

>>Ever feel like the Christian music industry is sometimes a machine?(See   "You only love me for my machine." , Art/Empire/Industry & "AntiMechanistic Gospel",  Maybe that's why country music sucks",  The machine strikes again CCM makes you lie and  machine economy)

Take some time with the song"br0thr," which fits brilliantly in the story of the new Violet Burning concept album.

The song is below, and here is some helpful background info, see the first comment there, it's by bandleader Michael J. Pritzl. 1-05 br0thr PT 1 by thevioletburning
From Phantom Tollbooth:
in “brothr part 1,” against a mechanical Stephen Hawking-type voice, Pritzl sings, “We met them in Nashville / Distribution knows just what you need /’We’ll make you safe for the whole family’ /Sing 'Jesus' a few more times /and we’ll all make a whole lot of money / Brother will guide you.” It is hard to hear this without thinking of Roger Waters, partly because of the vocal sound and partly the experience Pink Floyd had of the music machine (“The band is just fantastic… by the way, which one’s Pink?”). link

Here's part 2:
1-09 br0thr pART 2 by thevioletburning

Michael talks some more about these themes in our interview with him here.

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  1. Serious echoes of "Mother" from Pink Floyd's the Wall in part 2


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