Tuesday, May 29, 2007

If I Had a Bumper Sticker

In the tradition I began in the prequel
(still online here...all two words of it),
Let me present some more two-word(mostly)
neo-mottos, ZooTV rejects, prayers, good advice, subversive bumperstickers..whatever they are...
Some of these might even make immediate sense, on some the hyperlinks will help interpret...basically they are all commentary on
Matt. 4:17 and"Subvert the dominant paradigm"...as well as satire on "Visualiaze Whirled Peas".

Break laws.

Go chaordic.

Question Einstein.

Create wisely.

Dismantle death.

Sell dresses.

Sacralize the secular.

Exploit silence.

Spend celebrity.

Carpe manana.

See voices. (Rev 1:12 Habb 2:1-3)

Milk Aslan.

Get lower.

Fold soup.

Flirt with uncertainty.

create chaos.

Peach karaoke.

Deconstruct deconstruction.

Defy today.

Leak power.

Remix Colossians.

Smell Jesus.

Club clubs.

Baptize pagans.

grow organically

Miss Christ.

Drink fast.

Herd goats

Decrab Colson

Bookmark Occasio.

Hijack empire.

Trifurcate liminally.

Unfreeze community.

Get fuzzy.

Hanglide naked.

Derail biniatarianism.

elevate sex.

Wear shalom

Harness mercy.

Mind your own (1 Thess 4:11)

Have a nice day.
Randy SQ will add some better ones..

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