Wednesday, May 16, 2007

David Crowder has 3 words for judgemental pastors

David Crowder, amazing and creative songwriter and worship leader, cofounder of University Baptist Waco.....offensive looking enough for some due to his ZZ Topp-rivalling beard....tells a hilarious story in his book about feeling judged at a pastors conference he was attending.

First he though the fellow pastors were staring at him because his shirt was too lowbrow: a T-shirt. But then he realized the glaring men were strangely cocking their heads sideways while gawking unapprovingly at his shirt.

To his horror, he discovered that what had originally attracted him to the shirt he'd bought at a thrift store--what looked like a (hopefully) innocent motto in Japenese --turned out to be something else altogether when read vertically. (see picture).

He was hugely embarrassed, but I don't think he rushed home to change, either (;


  1. That's hilarious! I've seen the shirt before. Did Crowder actually publish the picture in his book?

    --Mike Rinaldi

  2. Hey St Mike:

    No. not on an evangelical publisher(:

    No actual F word in the book. I wanted to post here the story the way he actually told it in the book, but didn'' find it excerpted anywhere online.

    Maybe Revs. Brian and Kelly will write it up for us.

    I read that part of the book in the bookstore(:

  3. Hey, i did find a version of the story, apparently adapted from the book, told by Crowder himself:


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