Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Steve Vai Builds a Church With No Words

watch the video here

Why would he call the song ...an instrumental..."Building The Church?"

Maybe he is praying through his guitar like his mentor, FZ...

He comments on another song, "For the Love of God" that he is "walking the fine line between Pagan and Christian".

Fascinating thoughts on what Steve Vai thinks his song is about:

As Pomposh walked from the gathering, there immediately came a massive, heavyweight gravity storm. Internalizing the mammoth, black-hole-like magnitude manifesting from the storm, and wielding the mass of his intellect — matched only by his piety — caused a conscious edifice to materialize before the townspeople. Appearing over the entrance was the name of the structure. ...

he sets off into a clearing and creates this enormous Church of sorts. It’s not a building in the conventional sense, but a living structure. Actually the word “church” is not exactly correct either. The album cover was going to be an illustration of the Church but after trying to convey my mental image of this to various illustrators, I felt it not such a good idea to go that route. It would give too much imagery to something that should remain within the realms of the listeners own imagination.

...Pomposh uses these atmospheres to summon various essentials from the ether and netherworlds to bring the Church into the physical. When I was imagining this scene the music for the song came to my mind.

The name of the Church is “Under It All.” This is where the towns people are enticed to enter and be subjected to the enchanting and engaging music of Pomposh, which in turn seduces them to see and speak of their inner selves things that they were not aware of. ..

I had to stop myself on the outro of this track when it came to creating rhythm riffs as I have a tendency to get way carried away. ..

I love the energy of this track and the visual I have in my mind that goes along with it. Let those fat guitars just envelope you in a whirlwind of audio decadence while Pomposh lashes about in the ominously dark skied fields, as he wills the Church into existence.

Steve Vai ,on his website

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  1. Wow, Steve Vai? I can hardly believe it (he's so talented!), it sure does bring a smile to my face.


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