Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Soldier Girls and Sex At Least Once a Day

 We need some female pastors.  Not necessarily soldier girls  who submit to sex at least once a day.

Mark Driscoll has been accused of being misogynist. The famous/infamous "Ted Haggard's wife should have kept herself up better" did feel over the top.

At his best, he is funny, brilliant and insightful.

At worst, i fear..

Here below is what he called the "banned church plant video" he is featured in, and a bit of his comment on it. It does feel somewhat sexist.. And comments about  men needing "sex at least once a day"( 5:54 mark) are delivered with a straight face..
(amazing so few  men have commented/critiqued this comment, but  see this ...and of course, Julie Clawson has a choice word for Driscoll's words))

Here he speaks of declining to speak at the event...

because the few-day round trip from Seattle to Florida to give a very short message (last year it was less than twenty minutes) seemed like too much in light of other responsibilities. So, the sponsors of the event asked me to instead put together an eight-minute video on church planting that could be shown at the event and then handed out to each of the 1,500 attendees. So, in an effort to be helpful, the video crew from Mars Hill Church and I spent half a day in freezing weather at a military cemetery shooting scenes that were then edited for the video. Apparently the video was shown at the event, was well received by the attendees, and then criticized by Bill Hybels from the stage because it did not speak of women church planters. And, not wanting a bigger fuss, the organization hosting the event then made a decision not to hand out the video as they had promised, leaving the guys from our Acts 29 Church Planting Network who had hauled suitcases of the videos to Florida with thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted effort. (link)

That clip may have cost "thousands of dollars"...but I cannot imagine how!?

Later edit: I added the transcript from Julie's blog (emphasis mine)

People walking in tend to think that a church planter is … a pastor. He’s not yet a pastor: he’s trying to build a church so that he can be a pastor. A church planter has a different skill set. He’s got a different mission that he has to be on – to gather men.
To gather the best men that he can find. To gather men who are willing to be trained, willing to repent, willing to learn. Willing to learn both doctrine and practice. That’s why Paul tells Timothy to watch his life and his doctrine closely.
The sad, hard, painful truth is that most churches are struggling, dying, and failing, and most church planters will just be part of the rising body count of failed church plants if they are unable to gather, to inspire, to correct, to discipline, to instruct MEN.
And this is particularly important for young men. The least likely person to go to church in the United States of America is a young man in his early 20’s. These are guys who have absolutely made a wreck of everything. They’re banging their girlfriends. They are guys who are blowing all their money, staying up all night playing World of Warcraft, finding free porn on the internet, and trying to figure out how to get a bigger subwoofer into their retarded car.
Those are the guys who must first be gathered, they must get a swift boot in the rear, they need a good run through boot camp, they need to be told that Jesus Christ is not a gay hippy in a dress, and that they’re dealing with the King of kings and Lord of lords, and there’s a mission that he has called them to.
60% of all Christians today are female. I’m glad that the ladies love Jesus. But if you wanna win a war, you’ve gotta get the men. And once you get the men, you must know what to do with them.
They wanna know how to get married. They wanna know how to have sex with their wife at least once a day. They wanna know how to make money, buy a home, how to have children, how to pay their bills, how to father their sons, how to encourage and love and instruct their daughters, and so in addition to being to being the right kind of man, he must clarify the mission that he is on. And he must understand that his first priority is to gather men, and to, by God’s grace, force them to become the kind of men that are needed for God’s work and God’s kingdom so that that church can actually be established, those women can actually be loved, those children can actually be raised, and that that city will have an example of the difference that Jesus makes.

Here's more on Driscoll.

Here's more on women in ministry. I am alright with different views on the topic, but I want to know how the women felt watching the clip..hard even to get past the title and first three minutes?

At least he didn't give his "we need more testosterone" appeal..


  1. Hmm...I fail to see why it was banned, from the very beginning it had the "feel" of a "man's" video. I was curious about his notion of "getting the men". He seemed emphatic on that. This is something I cannot really relate to as I believe the chosen may differ in gender and in percentages, all according to God's will, but with a rate of 60% women to 50% men, I can see where he's coming from. It was interesting to watch (and it shows why I always learn something from your blog and recommend it to others).
    I didn't think it was sexist, he was just addressing issues that, in his mind, had little to do with women... Getting the men is not a bad thing after all. Now, since they asked him to do a video on "Church Planting" in general (I assume), I could perhaps understand why the outcome wasn't the expected. Under a concept as broad as "Church Planting" he should have included women. I'm guessing if the concept had a narrower concept like "Church Planting : why getting the men is important" it would probably have been recieved better.
    I enjoyed it actually. I learned new things.


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