Thursday, February 28, 2008

as opposed to "stale, universal and organized"

Remember Jim Carrey in "Bruce Almighty," praying "God, just send me a sign!"
God sent several (literal) signs as Bruce drove...warning him the bridge was out.
Signs he ignored.

Signs and sermons from the Spirit are everywhere. Without going overboard and overweird
("Oh, I saw a STOP sign, must mean God is closing a door."),
I need to be more sensitive to this..see KKKKen's story here.

Everytime I catch a view of the pamphlet prominently displayed at my wife's favorite French bakery (I called it the underwear store because of the name),

I remember that church should be three things at heart and core. They are in big bold print; a sign from God:


The brochure is from TDWilley Farms, whose website reminds of of the
word from Francis Bacon:

"Natura enim non imperatur, nisi parendo."-- Sir Francis Bacon
Nature cannot be ordered about, except by obeying her.

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