Thursday, February 21, 2008

Uncle Buck (Fuller) and Watching the Invisible 99

No, not THAT Uncle Buck (though he was

prophetic as well)...I mean the avuncular Buckminster Fuller..prescient innovatuer, 3D dude..has been
quoted here bethree..

Doesn't every pastor/cultural architect have creative architects on their bedside reading stack?

Besides, any book subtitled, "A Spontaneous Autobiographical Disclosure"
which drops the term "advertisingly" will inevitably rock.

he has a MySpace page..not bad for dying in 1983!

He wrote in 1963 (Man, we need you now..

All mature people are now aware of the constantly accelerating
rate of evolutionary transformation engulfing all humanity. The
speed factor, however, is only of relatively minor significance in
the complex overall process of transformation of man's universal
experience and the consequent regenerative evolution of man's
day-to-day unfolding thought patterns, their induced new initia­
tives and realistically followed-through preoccupations. Not the
least of the new preoccupations is that of dealing with historically
unprecedented magnitudes of multiplying wealth of productive

As a total consequence we now have world democracy potentially
emergent at the historically highest level
of economic and cultural effectiveness, yet momentarily becalmed
in a doldrum stupor of mass-reproduced, world-around, split-
second broadcast, news nonsense, serialized myths and obsolete
local-focus hocus-pocus. Though Madison Avenue's advertisingly
cherished, most desirable prototype of the U.S.A. citizen is purportedly
the son of nine pioneering generations of an old and familiar
local family...

I am convinced that breakout may only be effected by an intellectual
reorientation, and not by political revolution or world warring.
Ergo, the following reconnaisance:

A half century ago the fundamental differences between Newton's universal norm of "at rest" and Einstein's universal norm of "at play" were only of academic interest. Today...this new normal upsets almost all of the traditionally practical strategems of mankind.. ...World society has made its judgements upon visible, tangible, sensorially demonstrable criteria. We may safely say world is keeping its eye on the unimportant, visible one percent of historical trans-formation.. Forms are inherently visible and no longer can "forms follow functions: because the significant functions are invisible.. Yesterday the disruptive was abhorred, today it is welcomed.. Alterations are being made by scientists who are specialists..there are few today who are disciplined to comprehend the totally integrating significance of the ninety nine percent invisible activity which is coalescing to reshape our future.
-Ideas and Integrities, excerpts of chapter 17


  1. Dude - A little more Uncle Buck for you...

  2. The Synergetics Collaborative is organizing people and events to build upon Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics.


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