Friday, February 15, 2008

Foucalt_ Disorder and Heteroclite

Namecheck my blog if you want to know one reason I like this quote (the accompanying picture here is a random pic...among numerous pics of moi... that came upon Google Images under "heteroclite"):

That passage from Borges kept me laughing a long time, though not without a certain uneasiness that I found hard to shake off. Perhaps because there arose in its wake the suspicion that there is a worse kind of disorder than that of the incongruous, the linking together of things that are inappropriate; I mean the disorder in which fragments of a large number of possible orders glitter separately in the dimension, without law or geometry, of heteroclite; and that word should be taken in its most literal, etymological sense: in such a state, things are "laid," "placed," "arranged" in sites so very different from one another that it is impossible to find a place of residence for them, to define a common locus beneath them all.
-- Michel
Foucault, The Order of Things

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