Monday, February 04, 2008

Eugene Peterson on loud farts

Eugene Peterson, "Answering God: The Psalms as Tools For Prayer":

"gnostics delight in secrecy. They are prototypical insiders. They think that access to the eternal is by password and that they know the password. They love insider talk and esoteric lore. They elaborate complex myths that account for the descent of our spiritual selves into this messy world of materiality, and then map the complicated return route. They are fond of diagrams and the enlightened teachers who explain them. Their sensitive spirits are grieved by having to live surrounded by common people with their sexual leers and stupid banana-peel jokes and vulgar groveling in the pigsty of animal appetite. Gnostics who go to church involuntarily pinch their noses on entering the pew, nervously apprehensive that an insensitive usher will seat a greasy sinner next to them. They are however enabled to endure by the considerable compensation of being ‘in the know’ (gnostic means ‘the one who knows’). It is a good feeling to know that you are a cut above the common herd, superior to almost everyone you meet on the street or sit beside in church.
It is inevitable that gnostics will boycott the creation theater and avoid its language as much as possible, for metaphor is an affront to their gossamer immaterialities and inner-ring whispers, a loud fart in the salon of spirituality.” (Answering God, 75-76)

Yes, I read this quote in church Sunday...But I think folks in a certain corner of the room were laughing at what happened next.. Maybe Scottis will tell the story?
Maybe KKen will leave it on our podcast? I all comes out in the end..

BONUS: If you have never laughed when someone farted in a worship gathering, rethink by joining me on the Temple reading this.

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