Thursday, March 06, 2008

Church in the Trash Bar in Brooklyn

"A lot of people think it's wrong, weird, or maybe even sacriligious to hold services in a place like a bar. We don't
see it that way; we look at the life of Jesus; and where do we find Jesus? He was with the people."

It's the North Brooklyn Vineyard.

We're a church community based in Williamsburg Brooklyn (but with folks from across the NYC area) of regular people living life with God in our culture, living like Jesus lived & doing the things Jesus did.

We think that despite religiously charged politics, religious church culture & many other things that make many people cringe, God is actually here with us & cares for every person.

The gospel Jesus shared was simple, pure & the answer for life. Faith is not just for grandmas & religious people, but available to everyone in every walk of life.

Our weekly sunday services are 6PM @ the Trash Bar (Grand & Roebling) & 11AM service with kids church @ the red brick building on the corner of Metropolitan & Manhattan Aves.

All are welcome, regardless of what you believe, how you were raised or what you've done. We welcome people at any point in their faith journey. link


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